State Healthcare Exchanges and Insurance Marketplaces

For each state, there is a healthcare exchange, or marketplace that has a variety of health insurance options for you based on the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.

You do not need to purchase your health insurance through these marketplaces, but if you choose to go with a private insurance provider, which can sometimes be cheaper, you will not meet the requirements for gov't health subsidies through the new healthcare Act. That being said, even private insurers are bound by the new healthcare Act laws, so people with Pre-Existing conditions will still be able to get insurance privately or through their state healthcare exchange.

Some states will not have their own health marketplace, but plans may still be obtained at the federal health insurance exchanges or private insurers. To visit the federal healthcare marketplace or be directed to your individual state health exchange, please visit the official government Website for Affordable Care Act Health Plans

Can I Get Health Insurance Without Using an Exchange?

Yes, that's our expertise. We can locate private health insurance policies that work with the ACA and Obamacare Laws and may save you money in the process. We offer free, no obligation health insurance quotes and there's no risk in seeing what your rates could be. Just enter your zip code below to start the process.